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You need to bring your up-to-date vaccination record. You also need to bring along any Veterinary prescribed food or medication. Bedding, bowls, litter trays, food & toys are provided but you are welcome to bring your own bed, a blanket or a special toy.
You will need to produce a current vaccination certificate, signed by your Vet, to verify your cat is vaccinated with the triple vaccine against 3 core diseases; Panleucopaenia, Herpes Virus and Calicivirus. As we are not a communal cattery, Feline Aids vaccine is not a requirement.
Yes. Our cattery has a separate building away from the main cattery providing us with comfortable quarantine facilities. Any cat that is unvaccinated for whatever reason can be housed in our quarantine area.
We feed Royal Canin dry food which is a very reputable brand of pet food. We stock the full “Pet Shop” range of products, and we are also a retail outlet for Royal Canin pet food. Your cat always has a bowl of dry food to nibble on and in the evening we have a selection of wet food available, such as fresh beef, casserole, Tuna, Fancy Feast or Dine; something to satisfy even the most fussiest of palates. For growing fur-babies we feed Royal Canin Kitten Sachets.
We understand it is sometimes necessary or preferable to keep your cat’s diet as close as possible to their regular diet, so we are happy for owners to bring their own food or favourite treats. However, we do not discount for this.
We operate a free pick-up and delivery service within Rangiora and surrounding areas. We are able to pick up from Christchurch if necessary; however there is a $20 charge for this. We can also transport your cat to or from Christchurch Airport to the cattery. A $20 fee applies for this service.
Yes, there is a small charge for administering medications:
$2.00 for up to two medications.
$3.00 for three or more medications.
Absolutely! We certainly encourage perspective clients to come and look around our facility to give them piece of mind and to ensure they are making an informed decision prior to booking. Visitors are welcome at any time during our opening hours or inspection of our facility can be arranged by appointment.
Most definitely. Our private residence is within a few metres of the cattery buildings enabling us to keep a close eye on everything.
No. Each cat family has their own individual unit. Cats are mostly anti-social animals. Therefore communal areas can be extremely stressful and can also expose your cat to transmissible diseases such as cat flu and feline aids. There is also the possibility of physical injury when unfamiliar cats are placed together in a confined space. Although some communal catteries still exist, we believe this is not best practice and raises questions within the animal welfare community.
We have several very good Veterinary Practices in North Canterbury, all located within a reasonably short drive from the cattery. During business hours we will attempt to use the Vet of your choice as we prefer to use your cats regular Vet if possible, even if this means travelling into Christchurch. However, for after hours Veterinary emergencies, our cattery is pleased to have the services of Nick Deane from PAWS Vets Woodend providing us with 24 hour 7 day cover. We do not charge for taking your cat to the Vet but any expenses derived from veterinary treatment must be paid by the owner. We will make every effort to contact you should your cat require veterinary treatment.
For longer term stays where the booking value is a $1000 and over per double unit, OR $700 and over per single unit, a flat rate can be negotiated.
Litter trays, food & drinking bowls, all bedding and scratch furniture are standard items within each unit. As cat viruses can survive for many days on soft furnishings, Ashley Boarding Cattery only uses furniture & bedding that can be laundered and completely disinfected between clients. We use Safe4 disinfectant which is DEFRA and ASUREQUALITY approved.
Cattery Management is responsible for allocating units. Where possible we try to accommodate reasonable requests. Long-term, elderly or shy timid cats are given special consideration.
Yes. During winter all cattery wings have electric heating. One building also has a pellet fire for extra cosiness. Microwaveable heatpads are also available for elderly or sick cats.
We are able to look after other small companion animals such as rabbits, rats, birds, dragons, & guinea pigs. However, owners need to supply their own enclosures. We do not board dogs.
Qualified cattery staff visit each unit several times per day for feeding and cleaning. During these times, cats receive lots of loves and cuddles and a brush if necessary. This gives the staff an opportunity to bond with the cat and to give them a general check over.