Tips for boarding your cat

•    Book early, especially if your reservation falls during a peak period.
•    Get recommendations from friends or your Vet.
•    Check out the boarding facility prior to booking and choose with care. Please be aware that New Zealand currently has no governing body or regulators for the Pet Boarding Industry.
➢    Cattery units should be spacious and clean. There should be no smell.
➢    They should be large enough to permit stretching and moving around. Ideally no less than 1.8m height x 2.4m length x 1.2m wide, which used to be the AsureQuality approved standard. Asurequality no longer provide auditing for pet boarding facilities.
➢    Litter trays should be cleaned regularly
➢    Meet the staff
➢    Note general appearance of the facility including security and safety features.
•    Ask questions about food & water, polices, procedures, vaccinations & Veterinary services.
•    Allow yourself enough time at cattery reception to complete the necessary paper work.
•    Know the opening hours and arrive during these times.
•    Make sure you have thoroughly read and understood the Terms & Conditions of the boarding facility.
•    Know exactly what you will be paying (rates), and what is included.
•    Remember to bring along your cats current vaccination certificate. Give flea & worm treatment prior to boarding your pet.
•    Advise cattery staff of any special needs, illness or medications which apply to your cat.
•    To familiarize your cat with the cattery, some short stays prior to an extended stay will help.
•    Do not over feed your cat before travelling.
•    Try to take your cat to the cattery prior to bringing out the suitcase or packing up the house.
•    Take along a favourite toy, blanket, treats or an article of clothing with your smell on it to remind your cat of home.
•    Do not get emotional when leaving your cat. This can cause them to become unnecessarily anxious and stressed when subjected to this kind of behaviour. Remember animals are quick to pick up on your emotions.
•    Have a happy holiday and don’t worry about the cat…..that’s our job!