Today, October 11, is Vet Nursing Day 2013. The day is a chance for Vet Clinics and other Employers nationwide to show their appreciation and to acknowledge the fantastic job that vet nurses do within the animal industry.

Vet Nurses do not just work at Vet Clinics. Any large reputable boarding facility will have a vet nurse as part of their team. You may also find them working at places like the SPCA, Breeding Kennels, Pet Shops, Animal parks or Zoo’s etc.

Vet Nursing Day is an excellent way to educate the public about the profession and to recognise the contribution vet nurses make to the care and wellbeing of animals in our community.

Here at Ashley Boarding Cattery, Stacey Clearwater is our staff vet nurse. Her role is crucial to the running of our business. In fact Stephen has nicknamed her “Inspector Clearwater” as she does not miss a trick! If a cat in our care starts showing any signs of being unwell, then Stacey is on to it pretty quickly.

We are a large cattery and we simply have to be professional. Having at least one qualified vet nurse here is a fundamental part of that professionalism. The welfare and happiness of all the cats in our care is always at the forefront of any decision we make and we certainly value the opinions of Stacey and, in fact, all our other great staff in matters cat.

However, today was Stacey’s day and our chance to show Stacey how much we appreciate her efforts and hard work. Stacey was presented with flowers and chocolates, then it was carrot cake and grape juice all round for morning tea, with fellow staff members Hazel, Justine and Katey joining in the celebration.

Stacey, we thank you, I know the cats simply adore you and I know I could not run this place anywhere near as well without you. Have a very happy “VET NURSING DAY!”