There are some very good boarding catteries in Christchurch and the surrounding Canterbury area. Then again there will be some that are not so good. Do your research. Be prepared to travel just that little bit further to find the perfect place for your cat.

If time permits, I recommend viewing your chosen cattery prior to admitting your cat. In fact, you should view several during the course of your research. You will enjoy your holiday that much more knowing your cat is in the best of hands.

So here are some tips on what to look for in a boarding cattery, meaning your precious pet can enjoy their holiday too.

Most importantly, meet the owner and the staff. First impressions count. Would you feel comfortable passing the responsibility of your cat over to these people? Some facilities advertise as having Vet Nurses on staff. That’s great, find out who they are, talk to them. Do they seem genuinely concerned about the welfare and needs of your cat?

Watch how staffs interact with the cats in their charge. Do the cats look comfortable and happy? If a boarding cattery does advertise as having qualified staff, you are within your rights to ask to see these qualifications. The qualifications of our staff here at Ashley Boarding Cattery are clearly displayed on the wall in our reception area.

Look at the size of the units. Is there plenty of room and space enough for multiple cats from the same family to share? This is important, especially for long-term holidays or earthquake repair stays. Are they warm, sunny, with plenty of fresh air and lots of comfortable bedding supplied?

Are they quiet, is there a view, music, what food is supplied, are there toys or other enrichment? What if my cat has special needs or is on medication? Can I bring special toys or bedding from home? Can I visit my cat whenever I want?

Is the facility clean and tidy? Is there any cat smell? There definitely should not be. And here’s a biggy! Is the facility safe and secure? Is there an appropriate monitored fire alarm system in place? What are the procedures should something go wrong?

These are just a few suggestions and all customers will prioritise differently. As the bill payer, you are entitled to ask as many questions as you see fit in order to truly satisfy yourself that this is the best place possible for your cat. At Ashley Boarding Cattery, our reputation speaks for itself.

But you be the judge…….see you soon.