Due Diligence – A clients Responsibility:

09/09/2015 Ashley Uncategorized

I have stated many times that owners are obligated on behalf of their pets to thoroughly check out a boarding facility prior to booking in their pet. I stand by this and encourage it always.

Last Sunday evening a little after 5pm, I was about to start feeding our guests when a young couple arrived impromptu and asked to look around our facility. I readily showed them around, happily answering all their questions. Subsequently, this couple took up nearly one hour of my time during what is a very busy part of the day.

Not only did they ask to see the whole facility and the units where their cat may be staying, but they wanted information on diet, food provided, exercise, attention given, toys, bedding, my staff, my own background, heating, cleaning procedures, disinfectant used, how often were litter trays cleaned, cattery charges. They looked around the outside and at the garden. It felt somewhat akin to an interrogation.

These people were looking for a suitable cattery for their very special Abyssinian kitten and as a result had viewed several boarding catteries over the weekend. They would not be rushed into making a booking, stating they wanted to think about the options available to them; (The right thing to do).

The couple finally left and I felt mentally exhausted…….and I was now running an hour behind time! However, none of that matters. What matters is that the very next morning, they rang and booked a unit for their kitten, saying how impressed they were with our facility, apologising for the time they took up and all the questions.

NO NEED to apologise…….I applaud them.  What they did is nothing short of what every pet owner should be taking the time to do when choosing a boarding facility. Know what you’re looking for. Know the standard you are prepared to accept. Take the time to go out there and find it. Your pet will be the better off for it and you, the owner, can relax while away on holiday.

As for our cattery, a little effort goes a long way and we are confident that this little boy will holiday with us for the remainder of his lifetime.