11/08/2014 Ashley Uncategorized

Due to the repairs/rebuilds from the Canterbury earthquakes, quite often cats need to be boarded at the cattery for a considerable length of time.

Owners frequently ask the question, “Should I visit my cat, I don’t want to upset him”?

My answer is always, “If you are able, yes absolutely come and visit your cat”. It has been our experience that cats settle in much better and gain confidence quicker if their owners visit on a regular basis.

Obviously all cats are different and the ones with the extra shy and timid personalities find it harder to relax and come out of their shell. While cats are known to be solitary creatures, they can still form strong bonds with their human family and can therefore stress or fret when change occurs, such as being left at a cattery. Most households have already started packing up prior to the cat being taken to the cattery and this would of course add to the stress your cat is feeling. I sometimes wonder if they think they have been abandoned.

It is normal for cats to be withdrawn for the first 24 hours, especially if it is their first time in a cattery. They hide, won’t eat or drink or use the litter tray. This behaviour normally wanes within a day or two and the cat settles down to a new routine.

When the owners arrive for a visit, afterwards there is often a phenomenal change in the cats’ persona. We have seen it many times. Bring toys and treats, make it a happy occasion. The cats respond and it makes their time with us so much more enjoyable.

As a cat owner, if you have done your due diligence, you will of course be placing your cat in a facility where you know they will get the very best care and attention possible. But no matter how much we give them, nothing can make up for the familiar voice and smell of their owner. At Ashley Boarding Cattery, you do not need to make an appointment to visit your cat, so long as you are visiting within opening hours. Just turn up. Your cat will love you for it!